...To Keep us All from going 'Cuckoo!'

Both the beauty and challenge of a career in real estate is that no day is the same!  As such I've outlined below a general (and certainly flexible) guideline as to how I format my work week in real estate.  As there is little exposure to the public about all that goes on behind the scenes of showing and listing homes, it's no wonder that with the ease of communication granted by the latest technology, one might ask, "Where's my Realtor?"

Generally, if you have any questions for me about anything or wish to make an appointment, always feel free to either call or email me and I will always try to reply as soon as possible.  If there is a slight delay it will be due to the unpredictablenature of the game, where I am either in a meeting, negotiating an offer or otherwise meeting with clients.  Oftentimes the above activities may happen during an evening or on a weekend, and as such rest assured I will reply to you on the following morning.

As always your satisfaction is my top priority, so rest assured it will never be too long before you receive a reply!

I look forward to working with you!